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Discount Beads is owned and operated by two partners, Dave Cray and Ernie Staley. Both men are veterans of full careers in corporate retail management, and therefore desire to confine the business to conventional retail. Although we do offer a favorable discount program to licensed resellers, we have no plans to become an online shipper. We do not publish a catalog and we don't offer our wares online.


But we do have a great bead store, and are prepared to offer you a pleasant and productive shopping experience when you visit. You will be greeted by our greatest assets, the five jewelry designers who comprise our sales floor staff. Helen, Terry, Lisa,  Jerry and Pam are all accomplished beaders who genuinely enjoy comparing notes with beaders of any level of experience. You will be pleased with the friendly service they provide.

Beading classes are available for people of all skill levels. Register to get your spot in our next class.

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Competitive pricing on all beads and accessories

Our name of Discount Beads derives from our standing policy of granting ascending discounts based on the size of the purchase. Beginning with 5% at $50, and adding another 5%, for each additional $50, our discount maximizes at 25% for any purchase of $250 and beyond.


Of course, percentage discounts are meaningless when applied to regular prices which have been jacked up to non-competitive levels. Our discount structure has been a resounding success because it is applied to every-day prices which are both competitive and affordable within

the local market.


Our discounts apply to everything within the store but with  one exception: the Swarovski brand of crystals and pearls. We price these lines at super- competitive levels. For example, you can buy 144 pieces of 4mm bicones for only  $9.99, or 100 pieces of 4mm crystals pearls at just $4.99. Prices like these do not allow  for discounting.


Other than Swarovski, however, there are no exeptions to our discount structure. Special purchases, clearance items, one-time buys... all are included in our standing discount policy.


For all of these reasons and more, we proudly make the claim:



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