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Classes at Discount Beads are always free. Of course, we do expect that you will purchase your supplies from us, but we do not apply any mandatory minimum requirements or stipulations. We also provide bead mats, bead boards, and tools for your use if you do not have your own.


We teach three basic categories of beading: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.


The Basic classes involve the stringing of a simple necklace on wire. Here, you will learn the rudiments of color matching and choices of bead materials, plus the uses of crimps, crimp covers, wire protectors, jump rings, and a clasp. You will need to purchase a strand or two of beads, a spool wire, a package of crimps, a package of jump rings, and a clasp. The total cost of these might be as little as ten dollars, or as much as $15 or $25 if you decide to design and create something really nice.


The Intermediate classes are based on the various uses of wire wrapping, chain, leather, and metal, certain Swarovski crystal elements, etc. Our Advanced classes primarily cover all of the various styles of bead weaving. Materials for these types of classes are generally more expensive than those used in basic stringing, but again we do not require that you spend more than you are comfortable with. In any case, the finished jewelry you create will have a value of several times the cost of your materials.


NOTE: If you are new to the art of beading, we request that you do not register for any of the Intermediate or Advanced classes until you have taken a Basic class first. The things you learn in a beginners’ session will make it much easier for your later delving into one of the more sophisticated techniques of wire wrapping or bead weaving, etc..


Pre-registration is required for all classes. You may sign up for a class while you’re visiting the store, or you may register either by phone or e-mail.

Call us today to register for an upcoming class!

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